Local Junior Grand Finals Washed Out! Cards JL Premiers - LL Runners Up

WCC have closed all grounds this weekend therefore junior grand finals are washed out.

Cardinals Junior League (U14) Maroon team, finishing the season as minor premiers, reached the Grand Final as the major semi was washed out. Maroon therefore reached the GF first and so will be declared the eventual premiers. Pirates Gold will be feeling very disappointed as they defeated Cards Gold in the playoff final, coming back from 5-1 down to win it 6-5 in the last inning. Having played one more game than Maroon, who haven't played since the last round, Pirates would have been very confident of their chances in the GF.

The situation was reversed in Little League (U12) with Pirates being the minor premiers and therefore the eventual premiers. Cards defeated the other Pirates side in the final so would have also been feeling like the GF was well within their reach.

While it is a disappointing way to end a season, the crowned premiers both had the best records in their competitions throughout the year, so can take pride in accepting their premierships on that basis.